SmarterMeter v0.4.0 Released

This is a pretty major update as two significant things have changed relating to SmarterMeter. First Google PowerMeter no longer... Continue reading

SmarterMeter and Google PowerMeter Part Ways

Earlier this year at Google IO, Google announced that Google PowerMeter would be retired but they didn’t give many specifics.... Continue reading

SmarterMeter v0.3.3 Released

This is just a small update with two important bugfixes. The first bug prevented data from being sent to Google... Continue reading

SmarterMeter v0.3.2 Released

Today I released SmarterMeter v0.3.2, which contained several small but important bug fixes. So upgrade when you get a chance.... Continue reading

SmarterMeter v0.3.1 Released

Today I’m announcing the release of SmarterMeter v0.3.1. It’s the first release to include support for Windows. This now means... Continue reading

NSIS and Launch4J

Since I got SmarterMeter working in Windows in my last post, the next step was to make it easier to... Continue reading

JRuby and Nokogiri

One of my goals this year for smartermeter is to make it usable on Windows. There are several ways to... Continue reading

Brighter Planet Fellowship

So I was fortunate enough to be selected to become a Brighter Planet fellow for my work on smartermeter. Brighter... Continue reading

PGE and Google Power Meter

So building on my smarterproject, Andrew Potter has released pge-to-google-powermeter, which takes the PG&E data and uploads it to Google... Continue reading

WebSockets & Stomp, the Real Realtime Web

So with HTML5 advancing and browsers starting to ship with WebSockets (Chrome 4+, Opera 10.60, Safari 5 and soon Firefox... Continue reading

Comcast IPV6

I got my invite to Comcast’s IPV6 trial today. I’ll be interested to see how they plan on handling dual... Continue reading

libimobiledevice 1.0 & Transition

I started libiphone (which is now called imobiledevice) back in 2007 because I wanted to sync the contacts on my... Continue reading

iPhone Icecast from Rhythmbox

So I wanted to stream music from my laptop to a Bose iPod speaker set over wifi. It seemed like... Continue reading

Selenium IE7/8 in Vista/Windows 7

So after spending too many hours trying to get selenium to work in Windows Vista/Windows 7, it turns out that... Continue reading

libiphone/ifuse 0.9.5

So it’s been quite a while since I first started this journey, but iPhone support in Linux has progressed to... Continue reading

Google Chrome OS on Dell D600

So unless you have been hiding under a rock (in the online world) you’ve heard of Chrome OS, Google’s lightweight... Continue reading

VNC to OSX in Ubuntu

So I’ve had a Mac Mini for a while and I prefer to access it over VNC so I had... Continue reading

Smartermeter - Read your SmartMeter

So I have to admit that I was excited when I found out that the house that we would be... Continue reading

Tidying up

So I haven’t posted here in a really long time. And this blog has been feeling a bit neglected. I... Continue reading

iPhone Linux Syncing (with Conduit)

So the latest project I am working on is making conduit work with my iPhone, so I can sync my... Continue reading

One Year

So it’s crazy to think that it’s been a year since I moved to San Francisco, it really doesn’t seem... Continue reading

CSS Sprites

So if you are a web developer and haven’t heard of css sprites, you should check them out. While your... Continue reading

OLPC you make me sad

I am sorry that I ever gave you money (if I could I would take it back). You make me... Continue reading

What's Been Going On

So this blog has gotten quiet recently and Andy’s comment on my last post has prompted me to talk about... Continue reading

Don't Change Your iPhone's Root Password

Don’t change your iPhone’s root password. Just don’t. If you do you will have a phone that reboots in an... Continue reading

New Music

So my friend Sean has a brother named Chase who happens to plays the guitar. Chase also apparently has a... Continue reading

RSS Applet 0.1

So I was thinking it would be cool to have a revolving ticker of Craigslist items on my taskbar. Since... Continue reading

Arc & Ubuntu Gutsy

So I have played around a bit with Paul Graham’s new language arc. I wouldn’t go so far as it... Continue reading

Dell Vostro 1400 & Ubuntu Gutsy

So this post is aimed at people who have a Dell Vostro 1400 and Ubuntu Gutsy installed. When I got... Continue reading


So I am still sick. Not terribly exciting. Also the iPhone Dev wiki seems to be down (and has been... Continue reading

Juno & Minutes to Midnight

So my new job has been going pretty well. My co-workers are awesome and I am starting to hit the... Continue reading

Beatiful Beach

So I was lucky enough to walk around a beautiful beach today. I thought I would share. Continue reading

Switching Jobs, Home and iFuse

So I have been holding off on saying this until everything was finalized but now that things have run their... Continue reading

iPhone Linux Driver

So I have finally gotten all the information together that I have learned over the last few months and put... Continue reading

Leet Building

Continue reading

Electronic Music

So I learned at my holiday party this weekend that one of my coworkers is really into creating electronic music.... Continue reading

A Tree from My Walk

Continue reading

TJHSST. Go Colonials.

I am glad to report that Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (my alma mater) finally has some... Continue reading

Theme Update

So I am not sure how many people actually visit my blog to read it, but for those of you... Continue reading

My New Laptop & Postie

So I finally got a computer to replace my aging four year old laptop which had been my main computer... Continue reading

The Significance of JRuby 1.1

So JRuby is coming out with its 1.1 release relatively soon (it’s just a preview at the moment). I am... Continue reading

Some Stuff

I had a grilled cheese sandwhich and soup for dinner. It was good. I saw American Gangster last night. It... Continue reading

Say No to Telecom Immunity

If you think it’s wrong that the government illegally recorded telephone conversations, sign the petition. Continue reading

Bike Commuting

So I have been riding my bike to work everyday since I got it (~3 months ago). When I purchased... Continue reading

iPhone Update and Today

So work on the iPhone driver has been stalled a bit. I took a serious look at getting around the... Continue reading

Good Day at Work

Today was a good day at work. I managed to complete a task ahead of time that I wasn’t even... Continue reading

Apple, Stanford and Updates

So I really should be better about updating my blog. Enough said there. I had my first performance review at... Continue reading

iPhone Now Charges in Linux

Update: if you would like to sync music or contacts see this post. So I have had success getting the... Continue reading

iPhone Linux Support

Update: I have started a project to get the iPhone to work in Linux, read this post for more information.... Continue reading

Rock The Bells: Rage

So I got a chance to go to Rock the Bells in San Francisco. The real reason I ended up... Continue reading

Emsense Article

Hey if you want to find out more about where I work, check out our story on VentureBeat. Continue reading


So on Monday of this week I went to the Jim Russell Test Drive, which is a crash course (fortunately... Continue reading

Europe: Condensed.

Editor’s note: this post has been sitting in the queue for quite some time. Hopefully I will be more up... Continue reading

Ohh America

This will be just a quick post. I am back in America, land of large cars, large portions and bottomless... Continue reading

Collaborate Resurrected

So it’s been a long time since I worked on Collaborate (second semester of freshman year, making it three years... Continue reading


So I have been really bad about updating recently. So this post is an attempt to catch up on everything.... Continue reading

Planet Olin to Pass On

Everything comes to an end at some point. Since starting Planet Olin I have found it to be a great... Continue reading

That Should Really Not Have Worked...

So today I was working on a group project in my embedded computing class. The goal of the project is... Continue reading

Back from NC

So I just got back from my SCOPE trip to IBM at Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. The presentation... Continue reading

OSS Progress

So today was a pretty productive day for my OSS project. I implemented the error function as well as a... Continue reading

Interesting Conspiracy Theory

While I have to admit that GOP’s Cyber Election Hit Squad Exposed sounds a bit ridiculous on the surface. I... Continue reading

On Virginia Tech and Life

It appears 230 people died in a suicide bombing yesterday in Baghdad. I bet you didn’t hear about it because... Continue reading

Marathon Monday

So this year I decided to go into Boston on Patriot’s day and see what the marathon was like near... Continue reading

OSS Update

So it’s been quite a while since I have done an update about my OSS. Since my last update I... Continue reading


Wow. Vegas is awesome. As soon as you get off of the airplane you are hit with an overwhelming attack... Continue reading

Video Mosaics

Since the change of direction on my OSS I have narrowed my project to working on just one problem, video... Continue reading

Half Way Point

It has been a while since I made a personal post, probably due to the perfect storm of events that... Continue reading

New OSS Direction

So I sat down with Mark to talk about my OSS on Friday. After telling him what I had been... Continue reading

Concentric Circles

So I found out why I couldn’t get concentric circles, it’s because OpenCV was removing them from the results list.... Continue reading

Comparative Study of Hough Transform ...

During the time I spent today on my OSS, I read the “Comparative Study of Hough Transform Methods for Circle... Continue reading

Running Accident

So I twisted my ankle on Saturday while running. It ended with me falling into a frozen creek from 8ft... Continue reading

I Got My Book

So I got a copy of “Robot Vision” that I ordered a week ago. I opened it up and started... Continue reading

Circles, Oh the Circles

So I had this idea in the shower this morning. What if I used concentric circle bulleyes (like on the... Continue reading

NASA Vision Workbench

So I spent my time today exploring NASA Vision Workbench, thanks to my friend Chris who pointed me in the... Continue reading

Cool Ideas and Open Source Software

Today I started out by looking at what free software existed in the machine vision world. It turns out there... Continue reading

First OSS Post

So I am doing an Olin Self Study this semester which involves picking a technical topic, learning about it and... Continue reading

Back in the Swing

So I haven’t updated in a while and you may have guessed from the lack of posts that I have... Continue reading

Return to School

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. We had planned to go out to dinner with my sister, her husband, my mom,... Continue reading

Old Friends

So I met a friend for lunch today. I had a blast catching up, talking about what he was up... Continue reading


I raked alot of leaves today. I don’t like them. My house will never be crowded in with trees. Continue reading

Old Music

So I have this Mini-Disc player/recorder (if you don’t know what I am talking about, do you remember the disk... Continue reading

Blog Maintenance

So I started to wonder why I stopped getting comments a while back. I remembered hearing a few things about... Continue reading


So since I am now planning on training for the Boston marathon, I decided I wanted to take full advantage... Continue reading


So I am going to attempt the Boston Marathon this spring. You can check my progress here. Tonight I went... Continue reading

Sardines and Aquariums

So I visited the Monterey Aquarium when I was out in California last week. Something seemed wrong when I approached... Continue reading

Dead Laptop + More Dead Greenbacks

Yesterday was a sad day. My laptop kicked the bucket. When I say kick the bucket, I mean totally, utterly,... Continue reading

Christmas Redux

So I survived another Christmas season. I got many presents, ate many cookies and got to see most of my... Continue reading


So it has been a while since I posted as I have been really busy. As a sign of that... Continue reading

Good News

So I went to see the hand surgeon today and I got some good news. The issues I have been... Continue reading

A Low Point for the US

How do people sleep with themselves at night? Apparently our constituional values mean nothing. Congratulations Mr. Bush, you win but... Continue reading


So I have RSI. Which is why I haven’t been posting. It’s been interesting learning to cope with it. If... Continue reading

Back on Land

I got back from the Cruise a few days ago but I forgot to write an update. It was a... Continue reading

Back at Home - Yarr

So I flew home this morning. The funny thing about the security lines at airports is that the less time... Continue reading

It's Live

The next iteration of Flagr is live. It’s over a month’s worth of work and comes complete with truly sweet... Continue reading

The Fourth

The fourth of July always brings division to my mind. I have nationalistic pride. I believe that America’s ability to... Continue reading

Good End to a Good Day

It’s a good day when it Doesn’t rain and was supposed to. Flagr gets on the frontpage of digg and... Continue reading

Saturday, Recap

Winding Staircase Met up with a high school friend on Saturady. After we finally tracked each other down, we went... Continue reading

Alley Cut

Alley Cut A black white shot of an alley in Allston, MA. I almost got poured on while taking the... Continue reading


Trapt Finally got outside today and took some pictures. It’s the first time that I have done so since leaving... Continue reading

End of an Era

This last month has passed in a hurry. It feels like it was just yesterday that I got back to... Continue reading

Multimedia message

Continue reading

Multimedia message

Continue reading

Multimedia message

Continue reading

Good News

The best news is good news that you were suprised to hear. I happened to be talking to Cole while... Continue reading

Multimedia message

Continue reading

Multimedia message

Continue reading

Multimedia message

Continue reading

New Apartment

So I moved into my new apartment in Allston this last week. I plan to be here over the summer.... Continue reading

Back at Home

Last Friday the lease on our apartment ran out so I am now back on the East Coast. Later this... Continue reading

Bad Day

Do you ever have a day were nothing seems to go right? At all. Have you ever had two of... Continue reading

Executive Summary

Had an awesome run to the Golden Gate Bridge Had a good ice cream sundae Created Flagrfox Continue reading

More Features, Less Stress

Today was a pretty productive day. We pushed several new features (my favorite is the new explore mode). It was... Continue reading

8 Days

I am horrible at updating people as to what I have been doing. I apologize. It feels like I live... Continue reading


After many late nights we finally released late last night Go invite everyone you know. It is such a good... Continue reading

Good Day

I am having the time of my life in sunny San Francisco. I had an incredible dinner tonight. I still... Continue reading

Back at Olin

So this last Thursday I came back to Olin to visit. (No I didn’t come to interview nor did I... Continue reading

Many Long Nights

It feels good to finally publish something. I feel like I am going to collapse. Hopefully tomorrow will be a... Continue reading


So I was at the deli counter today ordering some lunch meat. As I was standing there an older woman... Continue reading

Where's the e?

I never knew that missing a vowel in a name could cause so much of a stir. In other news... Continue reading

Look at Flagr

The great part about the picture below is that I galanced at it yesterday and thought to myself, man I... Continue reading

Hazy Monday

After seeing randomness this morning, it seems that Sean and Brian have beaten us to launching. Alas. Anyway the site... Continue reading

Long Time No Post

Wow it’s been quite a while since I last posted, over a week. Things have been even more intense here... Continue reading

Planet Olin Reborn

So after some nudging by certain people in the community I have restarted Planet Olin. To mark the occasion I... Continue reading

Cool Friday

Last night we saw our first speaker at the first Y Combinator meeting, which was pretty cool. I have never... Continue reading

In the Thick of It

So today, I got my haircut, ate the largest strawberry I have ever seen and found myself on the frontpage... Continue reading

Getting in the Zone

Well these last few days have gone quickly. Alot of coding. Alot of designing and some fun interspersed between those... Continue reading

New Office Furniture

This last two days have been pretty productive, the data layer of our application is pretty solid and the layout... Continue reading

Day 3

So things have been happening quickly. Drew and Jon showed up yesterday to attend the first Y dinner. Before we... Continue reading

First Day

Well I made it out to San Francisco. It was a bit rough getting up this morning at 4:46am but... Continue reading

Christmas and Getting Ready

This Christmas break has been an interesting one. In many ways it didn’t feel like Christmas. Sean’s post pretty much... Continue reading


Wondering what I am doing for Expo? Check out Continue reading

Rejoicing in the Streets aka the Demise of the Patriot Act

That’s right, take that Patriot act. The US Senate on Friday blocked a final vote on renewal of the Patriot... Continue reading

A Little Planet that ...

(for those unaware of Planet Olin you can find it here) What Planet Olin is:Planet Olin is a collection of... Continue reading


Today’s Discrete Math presentation went alot better than I expected. I was worried about not having enough content to fill... Continue reading


Olin is on facebook, we are finally a real school. Been hearing alot of people stressing about the end of... Continue reading

Christmas, Apartments and Gizmo

Christmas So I have been using Amazon a lot recently, trying to get some of my Christmas shopping out of... Continue reading

Flying Home

So I made it home in one piece tonight. Oddly enough a lot of stuff didn’t work out in my... Continue reading


So I was reading my brother’s blog. He seems to have picked up on an interesting story. You can find... Continue reading

What exactly are you doing?

So I have been somewhat hesitant to talk about what I will be doing for the WFP. However now that... Continue reading

I'm going to California...

So its been hard to keep quiet about all of this but I am proud to say that I have... Continue reading


Last Friday was an amazing night (after a less than amazing week). I was a bit stressed that I hadn’t... Continue reading


Today was the first day that I had to wear my tights in order to run. It made me sad.... Continue reading


While I was on my run today, I ran into a puppy that looked exactly like my dog Ebony. I... Continue reading

20 Answers

Here are twenty random answers. Kinda like 20 questions but without the questions. Despite having owned two firebirds, I have... Continue reading

The Final Frontier

As we continue to worry about terrorists and hurricanes few have noticed that we have some new friends in space... Continue reading


So I was reading for HFID today and I ran across this: The contrast in our understanding before and after... Continue reading

Rain and Mud

Today I went to cross country practice, not really sure why I went but I felt like I should go.... Continue reading

Penn State

So this past weekend I went down to State College, Pennsylvania for my friend Chase’s 21st. I had a blast.... Continue reading

Rain & Rest

Yesterday’s run was awesome. I threw on my trusty running shoes and headed outside as the sky had just cleared.... Continue reading

Hurricanes and Terrorists

As the last few weeks have been so busy, I have had only a few small glimpses of the outside... Continue reading

Back to School

Well its been about two weeks since I last made an entry. As you may have guessed life has been... Continue reading

Day at The Ball Park

So on Wednesday night I went to see the nationals. I had a blast, it couldn’t have been a better... Continue reading

End of Summer

Too much has been going on. Today I had two buyers called about SWFT DRK (and a third emailed me).... Continue reading


So I added my blog to the Olin Xanga Ring a while back because that seemed to be where everyone... Continue reading

Putting Me To the Test

So I recently got a new car which I posted about a while ago. However it wasn’t until this week... Continue reading

Long Summer Nights

If you live life undefeated, you haven’t risked enough. I’m in a somewhat artistic mood tonight. More to tell tomorrow.... Continue reading

Soccer Game

I went to a DC United game this afternoon. It was the first one that I have gone to. I... Continue reading

Chinese Food

I had some good fake Chinese food for dinner. Not usually a big fan but it was pretty good tonight.... Continue reading


There are few things in this world that anger me more than racism. I woke up this morning to find... Continue reading

A Few Days

Well the last few days have really raced by. This week at work I released a new version of the... Continue reading

And From The Ashes

A Firebird Formula arises. After the disappointment on Friday, it seems that chance finally smiled at me today (after waiting... Continue reading

2020 Retrospect

layout: post title: 20/20 Retrospect wordpress_id: 142 wordpress_url: —I have been looking rabidly all summer for a car to... Continue reading


Sorry to the people who have left comments recently, I didn’t realize that I had to approve the comments. Well... Continue reading

Separation of Church and State

From NPR:A judge in North Carolina is refusing to allow Muslim witnesses to be sworn in with a Quran. North... Continue reading

Fourth of July

I ended up watching this movie called The Siege on Wednesday. The movie is about several Islamic terrorist cells which... Continue reading

Email at Olin

If you were able to visit my Expo project this year you know that I am interested in visualizations. As... Continue reading


I added a projects page to my site. You can find about the random cool things that I do there.... Continue reading

Old Friends

I went to a high school buddy’s suprise birthday party yesterday (you know the kinda party that you had when... Continue reading

Self Entitlement

It occurred to me the other day on the way to the Men’s room at work that society’s value system... Continue reading


Well I have been searching for a new car along with my brother. Unfortunately Sean beat me to the punch... Continue reading

Dear Mr. President

Amnesty accuses US over ‘torture’ Bush says Amnesty report ‘absurd’ White House Tries to Deflect Quran Abuse Report Hrm bit... Continue reading


All classy beer comericials (that means any beer commercials without half naked women in them) have one thing in common.... Continue reading

Summer of Code

During this summer I propose to implement a rudimentary version of the GOCollab initiative for the Abiword/GNOME group. GOCollab stands... Continue reading

Work, Bikes and Cars

When I arrived at work this morning I had to unpack my cube since a large pile of equipment and... Continue reading


Where did all the ninjas go?. That is all. Continue reading

The week in review

Well its good to be home again. Although like many fellow Oliners I find myself unable to stop working. The... Continue reading

Drive Home

Yesterday I left Olin around 3pm, due to my bad planning. Somehow I managed to drive around Needham and Wellsley... Continue reading


Friday was simply amazing. After finishing my last final around 3pm, I headed over to see the carnival starting. Since... Continue reading

Long days

Well I finished my Error Control Codes test yesterday and my presentation today. If you are interested in convolutional codes... Continue reading

Our Turn to Represent

Sneak preview of my Frankly Speaking article. One of the reasons that I came to Olin was to build a... Continue reading

Harbor Cruise

Last night was the harbor cruise. I had a ton of fun. The weather is not quite what I imagined... Continue reading


While I was reading through my daily set of blogs I found this interesting link about truth. I find that... Continue reading


In a news article that seems to come straight from a movie plot line, the CIA told their crack team... Continue reading

Photo Expedition

This weekend I went out with Wurtz to get some pictures of the coast. We left at 4 on Friday... Continue reading

Printers are Bad

Okay so today I wanted to print out 3 copies of a 7 page paper. Not that uncommon of a... Continue reading


Seeing as last Friday was earth day I have thought a bit about the environment as of late. Today I... Continue reading

Collecting One's Self

Today was a pretty average Monday. I still feel uncollected from this weekend. Tonight I managed to clean up my... Continue reading


It started off as a cold rainy Sunday morning. As I walked to the dining hall I realized that I... Continue reading

Google Maps

So I jumped on the bandwagon of Google map hacking. You can see the results below. I was truly impressed... Continue reading

Group Work

Over this last semester I have noticed certain truths about course related group work. Many times, the professors ask us... Continue reading

Warm Weather

Today’s high was 87 degrees. It was a good Wednesday. My summer plans seem to be coming together. There is... Continue reading


The dean of faculty recently sent out an article from the New York Times entitled It’s a Flat World, After... Continue reading


Today was the first day that I seriously worked on coding in a long, long time. It felt so good.... Continue reading

Snow in April

As I was walking back from the gym, I saw a leaf cross my path. Yet this leaf was no... Continue reading


Today was generic. I woke up refreshed. Nothing stood out except for a loud jet passing over in the afternoon.... Continue reading

Safety First

This is a more of a test of Pictpress than anything else. Always remember to wear your safety glasses when... Continue reading

ACL & Terminal

I worked on the ACL machines quite a bit yesterday. Hopefully the lab will be ready soon and I can... Continue reading


Today I completed my massive Error Control Codes assignment. I stayed up until 2 am for the last two days... Continue reading


I used to associate community service with service for those who had fewer opportunities. I thought it was vital that... Continue reading


Today was sunny and nice. After taking a two hour long test, I went outside and ran to the aquaduct.... Continue reading

PIC 18F2455

I spent several hours debugging my PIC18F2455 with an ICD2. To most PIC programmers out there this would mean that... Continue reading


Once again it has been too long. I stopped updating as the system running my old blog was starting to... Continue reading

Back to the Grind

I had a total blast this weekend. My friends kidnapped me for my birthday this weekend and we went up... Continue reading

Anna's Taqueria

So I went out with Sean, Lauren and Lara tonight for burritos at Anna’s Taqueria. It is a pretty good... Continue reading

Too Busy

Well I have been doing a poor job of attempting to post everyday but all I can do is continue... Continue reading

What a weekend

I went out on Friday night to see Ong-bak, a pretty crazy martial arts movie. I am not usually one... Continue reading

In Passing

Things have been busy. It started last week when I left school to go to my grandmother’s funeral. There is... Continue reading


Today was a pretty usual Monday. I found out that I will be working on welders as a user group... Continue reading

Productive Day

I managed to not get distracted today and got almost done that I set out to finish. That makes me... Continue reading

Door handles

Last night I broke off my door handle to my car while I tried to open it from the inside.... Continue reading

Long Friday

I didn’t get out of class/commitments until 5pm. Shortly after that I left to go the Walmart and get off... Continue reading


Two nights ago I went snowboarding up here on a whim. We left in the afternoon and boarded till 10pm.... Continue reading


Well I managed to arrive at Olin in one piece with my car intact. I am excited to be back.... Continue reading


Well tomorrow I leave home bright and early for snowy Boston. Hopefully the trip will be uneventful. This break has... Continue reading

Snow Storm

Well not too much exciting happened today. It was supposed to be a large snow storm here but it didn’t... Continue reading

And So Begins Another Four Years

I was sad to see the inauguration today. I just pray that we can’t screw up as badly as we... Continue reading

Thin Crust

Tonight I cooked pizza for the family. I experimented by making a pizza with a really thin crust. Suprisingly, it... Continue reading


Tonight I mostly played with Wine, an emulator for Windows software in Linux. It has progressed quite a bit from... Continue reading


Last night and tonight I played Halo 2 with my little brother. We are playing through the missions cooperatively on... Continue reading

New Resolution

This year I have made a new resolution, I am going to write an entry five days a week and... Continue reading

Warm Snow

This morning was great, my 8am class was canceled (due to a meeting that the professor had to attend). Unfortunately... Continue reading


I finally got the A/D conversion working on my USB device for project class. It was a single line of... Continue reading


I finally got a Debian package of Tomboy. I am having fun learning how to effectively use it to manage... Continue reading

Long Weekend

I had a really great weekend. I was able to chill around campus, get homework done and go to the... Continue reading

My Water Pump

After finding out last week that my car’s water pump decided to head towards the grave, I finally got to... Continue reading

Where did it go?

I went to quite a few meetings today. Usually Wednesdays are my free days but it didn’t really feel like... Continue reading

Good Times

Tonight I finally got around to posting a bunch of my graphics work and photography on a wall of my... Continue reading

A Productive Day

I was able to get a fair amount of work done today. This morning I started working on my math... Continue reading

Relaxing day

Since I don’t have class on Wednesdays, today was a rather relaxing. After breakfast I worked on cleaning spyware off... Continue reading


The camping trip was a lot of fun. The car ride was a bit long (four hours) but I got... Continue reading

Indian Food

Tonight I got Indian for dinner after figuring out that my car is leaking gasoline. After that I wen to... Continue reading


Well I made it back to Olin. I haven’t blogged in a while becuase I have been so busy. I... Continue reading

A Break

This summer has been great. That sentence just doesn’t describe it. It has been awesome. I have gotten a chance... Continue reading

Day of Purchases

I am waiting for my dvd copy to finish so that I can watch this movie tomorrow and my brother... Continue reading

Whirlwind Launched

After much hard work I am finally able to debut the redesign of my site. As you can see there... Continue reading

Warped Tour

I got back from Warped Tour tonight. It was great. I had alot of fun hanging out with some of... Continue reading

Finished Layout

I finished connecting the layout to the backend. I have to write some of the randomizing functions to pull in... Continue reading

Web Design

I have completed the layout for the new site. I need to clean it up, validate it, optimize it, attach... Continue reading

Web Design

I have completed the layout for the new site. I need to clean it up, validate it, optimize it, attach... Continue reading


Well today was somewhat productive. I returned the tools to the Sears store that I didn’t use while changing my... Continue reading


I got back from the beach with Lara’s family yesterday. I had a great time down in Wilmington. The water... Continue reading


I have returned home from Camp Sea Gull. While at camp I got a chance to be outside all day,... Continue reading


Yesterday was a totally sweet day. I saw Paparoach, P.O.D, The Offspring and Jimmie’s Chicken Shack in addition to a... Continue reading


I made it home after a lengthy drive home from Massachusettes. I have been mostly tying up loose ends. My... Continue reading

One Left.

I have my Linear Algebra final left. That is it. Then I will be done with my freshman year. Kinda... Continue reading


Wow. I haven’t updated this in a while. My life has been owned by work. Last week was a week... Continue reading


I got alot of stuff finished today that I was hoping to. However there is still more to do. After... Continue reading


I went running for fourty-five minutes today. It was great. I was hot and sweaty. Then I went to the... Continue reading


Last day of classes was yesterday. Now I have to finish all the outstanding projects and all outstanding commitments. I... Continue reading

Class Elections

Well I tried something different, I ran for class representative. I don’t think I have ever run for an elected... Continue reading


Wow. It has been a long time since I have written an entry. My school work has consumed me. I... Continue reading


Today is Easter as I am sure everyone knows. I was fortunate enough to have some Easter candy sent to... Continue reading

Summer Wishes

Today I thought alot about the summer. I am working on applications to two different jobs. Right now I am... Continue reading


Not a whole lot going on today. I got my AED certification and did some homework. I also went to... Continue reading

Rainy Days

It has been raining for the last three days. It is suppose to rain tomorrow. I hope sometime soon the... Continue reading


Well I didn’t get too much productive work done today. However I got a really sweet boot logo for my... Continue reading


Well I am back from break. I had a great time in Virginia, but it wasn’t as warm as I... Continue reading


Today was good. One professor gave us an extension for homework so that I don’t have to kill myself before... Continue reading

School Work

Only three more days until break. I am not sure if I am going to make it. I was happy... Continue reading

Candidates Weekend

It is the weekend once again, only this time with candidates. I have met a few pretty cool ones. I... Continue reading

Work Ahead

Today I got a bit ahead in work which was nice. I should probably have done a bit more but... Continue reading

Candidates Weekend II

This weekend was candidates weekend number two. This place goes absolutely nuts, the only thing I can compare it to... Continue reading


Life is so fast. I think alot about how I work hard only because I have always worked hard. I... Continue reading

Should get this together

I really should blog more often. I am really going to make an attempt to get into a rhythm. This... Continue reading

The week in short

I need to get into more of a routine about blogging. Thursdays are the fullest day of the week class... Continue reading


This week has been a bit crazy. Yesterday I spent about five hours troubleshooting my desktop. It had been really... Continue reading


I got some stuff accomplished today. I got a job on campus doing web site content work (I don’t have... Continue reading

Shifting back

Today I got alot of stuff done that needed to be done. I am starting to transition back into a... Continue reading


After spending many hours I finally completed my modifications to the Pivot System so that gnome-blog may post to it.... Continue reading