Since I don’t have class on Wednesdays, today was a rather relaxing. After breakfast I worked on cleaning spyware off of laptop for a friend of NOTE. When I finally got ad removal software on to the laptop I found that there were 160 pieces of adware. There was still one piece that was not removed correctly so I used Adaware as well and it found an additional 80 pieces of spyware. I can not believe that one person could accumulate so much malicious software on a computer. I really have never had to deal with spyware/adware before because I switched to Linux before the whole adware revolution started. I am glad. I think adware programmers shouuld be forced into the seventh circle of hell.

This afternoon I ran with the Babson cross-country team. It was alot of fun. I was a little bit worried about whether I was in good enough shape. However I did quite well at practice and had a good time meeting all the people on the team. After dinner I worked on my math homework. A pretty productive day in retrospect.