I was able to get a fair amount of work done today. This morning I started working on my math homework and got a fair amount of it completed. So I should be in a better position this week in terms of homework. After lunch I went to a meeting about the Advanced Computer Lab. I think it was a good dialog. I put together some specifications for the computers, however, I feel that things are too vague to order the appropriate equipment. Hopefully I will get some feedback from Mark about my guesses.

This weekend is shaping up nicely. I am going out to dinner on Friday and to a free concert on Saturday. Hopefully I will get a chance to play some soccer and make a quick run at the store.

I have been quiet on the development front as of recent. Unfortunately Coaster seems to be stalled until we can resolve the libburn issue and none of us are lowlevel guys. I wish manmower would come back. Gnome 2.8 hit the FTP sites today. I can’t wait for it to make it into unstable. It should be short this time because 2.6 is already into sarge. Olinbuster is progressing well. You can check out the development on the Olin Campus by going to this link.