The camping trip was a lot of fun. The car ride was a bit long (four hours) but I got a chance to sleep, do some homework and meet some new people. The campsite was nice. I have never seen campsites that were large enough to hold thirty people in a single site. I think everyone had a good time roasting marshmellows and making smores. The hike on Monday was sweet as well. The terrain was interesting and the view from the top was great. There are some pictures available here.

Today I went to my CS class. The stuff we have done in there up to this point has been review. I hope that we will be reaching new material soon. After class, I cleaned up my camping gear and my Windows XP partition on my laptop (SP2 is still downloading, how long can it possibly take to download this patch?). Tonight I hope to get some homework done and figure out where I can take my car to get the gas tank looked at.