So I was at the deli counter today ordering some lunch meat. As I was standing there an older woman walked up next to me. The lady behind the counter asked if we were together. The older woman said “He is much too young for me” (the lady behind the counter said it in such a manner that she thought she was my mom). To play along with the older woman I said “Yea, I get that alot around here.” She just laughed and asked how old I actually was. I said 20 and she said that her daugther was even older than I was.

She then asked me what I was doing in San Francisco and I said living the dream and starting a web startup. She laughed again and said she had just gotten on to the Internet last week. I gave her a Flagr card and told her we would be launching in a week. She wished me luck and I was on my way.

I feel so much younger here than at Olin. In San Francisco I feel like everyone is 30. I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts.