I had a total blast this weekend. My friends kidnapped me for my birthday this weekend and we went up to New Hampshire. There was a really awesome frozen lake and we walked all over it. That was the first time I had been on a frozen lake. After we got extremely cold we decided we should come back in so we did. After that Lara and I drove around the surrounding area and took pictures. I got a few sweet ones. When we returned from our drive dinner was already well underway. As dinner was being prepared we learned that a large snowstorm was coming in on Monday so we had to live Sunday night.

The trip back was pretty nice. I really don’t mind car trips like I used to when I was a kid. I worked pretty hard all of Monday trying to tie up loose ends. We had a soccer game that went pretty badly (my left shin is still in pain) but after I got back I had another suprise party. So I am pretty much partied out. Unfortunately now I have to go back to real work. Why can’t everyday be my birthday?

NP: Hoobastank, Unaffected (a birthday present)