I went out on Friday night to see Ong-bak, a pretty crazy martial arts movie. I am not usually one for martial art movies but when the Wu Tang Clan endorsed, how could I say no? That is a joke I thought the Wu Tang Clan advertisement might quite possibly be the stupidest commercial. Ever. Despite the stupid commercial the movie was quite entertaining and the company was totally sweet. After the movie we went out to dinner at Vinny-T’s, a fine New England institution. I really wish we had these back home in Virginia. I had the best Fettuccine Alfredo I have ever had. To top the night off the waitress mistakenly gave us a cake and sang for us when it was really for the table next to us. We got free cake out of the deal but there a few minutes of extreme awkwardness.

On Saturday, Lara and I went exploring the Massachusettes coast. We got some sweet pictures (check the gallery). Lara had a fun time dress shopping. I had fun using my GPS to get us directions around. After we got back we watched I, Robot, which was quite entertaining despite what people had told me. Overall this weekend totally rocked and to top that off tomorrow night I have a soccer game and then Valentine’s dinner. I am totally excited.

NP: Hoobastank - Same Direction