Tonight I mostly played with Wine, an emulator for Windows software in Linux. It has progressed quite a bit from the last time that I used it. I am now able to use Internet Explorer in Linux which will be useful for debugging websites. Unfortunately Frontpage does not run smoothly enough to be used, which is what I was really hoping for. I am trying cedega CVS one more time to see if I can get steam to run. I had it running for a brief while but then it stoppped responding to keyboard input which was very weird.

Other than that I cleaned the inside of my car out in preperation for its return to Olin later this week. I didn’t realize that I have to leave on this Sunday. There are a fair number of things that I still need to get done before I leave. Hopefully I will be able to focus long enough to get them all done.

For dinner we went to this place called Memphis Barbeque. I had BBQ chicken was pretty good. The dessert was okay but the restaurant was freezing.