Last night and tonight I played Halo 2 with my little brother. We are playing through the missions cooperatively on normal difficulty, which is pretty fun. Some people obsess about the legendary difficulty but we both agreed that it isn’t really worth all of the trouble.

I spent most of my day going through all of my old documents and converting them from properitary formats to OpenOffice documents. Hopefully the documents should be future proofed somewhat. It will be really cool to use Beagle to search through my lifes work (all the way to fourth grade). I know that I am losing some information in the process of the conversion and so I am keeping the original files around just in case someone figures out a way to use them.

An aside: I am having trouble tracking down an original copy of Microsoft Creative Writer, which some of my documents are stored in. If anyone has a copy, knows where I can get one or how to convert them sending me an email would be awesome.

Today I also spent some time fixing up my car. Tomorrow I hope to do some maintainence items on it to keep it in top condition.

Tomorrow I also plan to get down and dirty with Frontpage 2000. I found out today, while doing the document conversions, that I actually have a copy installed on my old computer. This finding is totally sweet because Frontpage 2000 needs the XP CD in order to install on my laptop. Unfortunately that CD is back at school so I can’t install it.