Tonight I cooked pizza for the family. I experimented by making a pizza with a really thin crust. Suprisingly, it turned out the way I wanted it to. The sauce was really zesty in that not same old boring way that I was used to. The pizza went over okay with the family. Some wanted thicker crust, others really didn’t care.

During the day I tried to finish up one of the sites that I am working on. Frontpage kept getting in the way instead of helping. Once I get back to school I should be able to install a copy of Frontpage on my laptop which should make things go faster. Sadly speed alone can not fix all the things wrong with Frontpage.

In other exciting news, I found the software that I was looking for to convert my old documents. It should cost a total of nine dollars including shipping. I also ordered my pair of running shoes today as well as my math book for this next semester. Hopefully they will arrive before I leave for school.