I finally got a Debian package of Tomboy. I am having fun learning how to effectively use it to manage my busy life. I also got a chance to play with Ubuntu for a short while today. Its pretty impressive but definetly still rough around the edges. I really wish that the Gnome 2.8 binaries would make it into Debian SID. Alas. I also got a chance to look into editing remote files with gedit. Apparently it doesn’t actually use gnomevfs as its file backend. I really thought it did. So it is impossible to transparently edit files on other computers. Hopefully GNOME 2.10 will fix that.

Class was really boring today. I almost fell asleep several times. I wish some of my classes were more interactive. In the one class that I was awake in I felt like our group really got somewhere. We finally got our accelerometers ordered and established how to interconnect all the pieces of our design. Hopefully our datalogger will actually work. I am excited about this project because it offers me a chance to really learn about embedded computing. Well it is getting late and I should be off to bed.