Too much has been going on. Today I had two buyers called about SWFT DRK (and a third emailed me). One person got immediately in their car and drove from Maryland for 1 1/2 hours (thats some dedication right there). What they offered was lower than I want to take at the moment but I have their number in case I change my mind. Hopefully I will be able to call back the other buyer and see if they are still interested in the car as they offered a higher price over the phone.

While I was waiting for the buyer to show up tonight, I worked on replacing the window motor in my new car. To anyone who has ever changed a window motor, they know what a huge pain it is. There is next to no room for your hands and you are completely unable to see what you are doing. While I was in the middle of this excrutiating task, I happened to look up and saw a single star in the sky shining through the clouds. The sight made me stop and reflect. Then all of the frustated energy (that was building towards the new window motor) faded like a late summer sunset.

Tomorrow is my last day at BioPay. It has been a good internship and I have learned quite a number of things that no classroom can teach. Hopefully we will have a fun farewell lunch tomorrow but I don’t know if my coworkers will be to make it as they were pretty sick today.

After work I am going to a Nationals Game with a good high school friend. I am excited as the tickets are in section 221. Not too shabby for some free tickets :).

Geek Update Lest I go a day with doing something exciting computer wise, Planet Olin now features the Olin Flickr feed right at the top of the page so we can see what Olin people are up to (go join and add your own photos). Additionally, any links tagged in with the word “olin” will appear in the sidebar. Finally when gets their act together and creates feeds of the Olin music ring I will add that to the sidebar as well. So now we have a snapshot of what Olin is doing on the web in a single place! How sweet it is.

And as I am writing this post google declares war on AIM. You would think after starting something with Microsoft earlier this week they would rest.

This day has been too much.