So I added my blog to the Olin Xanga Ring a while back because that seemed to be where everyone was. However I really don’t like xanga (too many reasons to list).

I apologize in advance to Clara, she founded the Olin Xanga group. I think its cool that she has been able to get so many people blogging, its just that the Xanga ring leaves out the Olin live journal crew (and others).

As I am a geek , I knew there had to be something better. Something that let people decide where they want to host their blog. With that I introduce…Planet Olin

I know its not perfect but it’s a start (the funky date ordering thing should resolve itself once people start posting new posts). So go ahead and send me name corrections, missed blogs and feedback. Any help is appreciated as I in no way pretend to be the dictator of this experiment (I like to view myself as more of a catalyst for technological change).

You are now forced to look at another awesome camera phone image: