Today is Easter as I am sure everyone knows. I was fortunate enough to have some Easter candy sent to me from my parents and Grandma. Now I just have to find some way to eat it all.

My brother called me today to say that he got his dream car a Dodge Stealth. Its even manual. Now I have to steal it so I can learn how to drive manual. Depending on where I end up this summer I might get myself another project car but I am not sure yet. I love my car and it loves me back so there is part of me who doesn’t want to let it go.

Last night I had a blast. I went to Newbury Street in Boston. Everything is really expensive but it is a nice place to window shop. We got some great food at The Wrap. We then preceded to spend 2 hours at Ben and Jerry’s. I also got the Zwan CD used It’s pretty good.