A Firebird Formula arises.

After the disappointment on Friday, it seems that chance finally smiled at me today (after waiting all summer plus Friday). Around 2pm this afternoon I happened to check the car listings again. Low and behold there was a Black Formula Firebird listed. It was a year newer and had T-Tops. I got in contact with the seller and arranaged to meet him at 7pm. This time the drive was even longer (2 hours). We got there, looked the car over and took it for a test drive. My dad and I then went out to dinner to talk it over and come to a decision. I decided to buy it, there are a few cosmetic issues with the car but the mechanical pieces seemed pretty solid and the owner had recently purchased/replaced many of the items in the car.

So after a long rollercoaster-like weekend, I am now the proud owner of 1995 Firebird Formula. What’s even better is that now my brother and I own the same car (his is green). If people couldn’t tell us apart before, here is yet another excuse as to why.

I also like how the mascot of Olin is a phoenix (aka a Firebird). Must sleep for work tomorrow.