So I have been holding off on saying this until everything was finalized but now that things have run their course, I am switching jobs. I left EmSense for a variety of reasons (none of which I will discuss here)  and am joining Adroll as a Systems Engineer. I am really excited about the new team and the new product.  The new office is located near Union Square in San Francisco and I will be starting after I get back from Christmas. So basically it’s a really awesome early Christmas present.

As for Christmas, I flew back into Virginia on Wednesday. On Thursday I attended a friend of the family’s funeral and raked some leaves. Today I caught up with some high school friends from the Systems Lab, which I almost missed since I thought today was Thursday (I guess flying cross country will do that to you). Finally, the first external contributor contributed to iFuse today. I didn’t understand the directory listing commands and this contributor was able to figure it out pretty quickly (less than 24 hours after I posted the data). I am so excited about getting iFuse to a point where I can get my data off of my iPhone.