Last night was the harbor cruise. I had a ton of fun. The weather is not quite what I imagined but the dancing was better than I thought it would be. I think alot of it had to do with the fact that having a smaller space makes things more lively.

Today was a rather slow day it was really rainy. I got up around 11 and did some work for a little while. I then spent most of the afternoon hacking on the lighting project that I mentioned earlier. It was nice to just throw myself into a problem until it was complete.

The piece that I worked on today was rewriting the graphing portion in Python and SVG as opposed to using PHP and libgd2. The result is that I have an easily modifable graph. Additionally the rewrite allows for selecting which floors and rooms are shown, how far data is shown and custom interval sizes (minute marks on a weekly graph just don’t look right) . You can see the product of my work below.

On a larger note, the XML toolspace is mature enough now that truly interesting things should start appearing soon. I can’t wait until Mozilla fully supports SVG. That is when the real magic will happen.