Okay so today I wanted to print out 3 copies of a 7 page paper. Not that uncommon of a task, right? I mean you have to print out the TPS reports for the weekly meetings don’t you? So being the treehugger that I am I made sure to turn on duplex printing to save a few pieces of paper.

When I get back from the printer, I realize the printer thought it would be a good idea to concatenate - not print three copies. This is bad because the first page of one person’s copy is now on the back of the last page of another person’s copy. No one in the right mind would ever want this.

Copy implies stand-alone, separate If I want files linked I use the ln command not cp. I don’t know if it was Microsoft Word’s fault, the printer driver’s fault or the printer itself. However this is the most unthought out “feature” I have encountered to date. No one could possible ever want this outcome! It made me mad enough that I thought it was worthy of blogging.