Seeing as last Friday was earth day I have thought a bit about the environment as of late. Today I saw this article by Steward Brand. The article is from the MIT Technology Review about the environmental movement in general. It describes how popular myths that the environmental movement holds dear (like the world population’s growth rate) still persist despite scientific evidence to the contrary. It also talks about how we must accept nuclear energy if we wish to substantially reduce our CO2 emissions.

I would like to point out that hybrid cars will not save us. They are little more than gimicks for the “environmentally” conscious American. Ever wonder what would happen after the batteries die? Apparently most “environmentally” conscious Americans don’t because they would soon realize the additional impact on the environment that they are creating.

However, the Technology Review article in combination with New York Times article It’s a Flat World, After All gives me hope for the future. I think despite our best efforts thinks everything will right itself.