This weekend I went out with Wurtz to get some pictures of the coast. We left at 4 on Friday and got back on Saturday afternoon. The coolest part of the trip was not knowing where we were going. You would think this would be a great way to get totally lost but I have a handy GPS receiver along with a copy of Microsoft Maps and Streets.

Sidenote: I have to say that I hate most Microsoft products. However, Maps and Streets is a very well put together program. It doesn’t have feature bloat (yet) and the bundled GPS receiver follows existing standards so it works in Ubuntu. Overall I have been very pleased with it.

Friday night we got some great shots north of Ipswitch along the coast. The light was simply amazing and the sunset was gorgeous. After the sunset we hit up a grocery store for supplies and then ate dinner in Newburysport at a great little Italian restaurant. There was a couple that took forever to order directly before us. They had to be the pickiest/snobbiest people I have ever seen in real life (maybe not in the movies). You could tell that the waitress could barely put up with them. After dinner we drove into Maine and found a rich resort hotel. Being the cheap people we are we slept in the back of Wurtz’s car. Luckily nobody kicked us out of the parking lot.

The next morning we got up early and headed straight to the coast. There were some cool shots but there was alot of similar material. We ended up getting back earlier than we planned but that was good as I had alot of items that needed to be taken care of. All in all the expedition totally rocked. I got a chance to think about what is important to me and I never seem able to on campus. Now all I have to do is finish out two and half weeks of school.