Well its good to be home again. Although like many fellow Oliners I find myself unable to stop working. The only difference now is that I work on what I want to work on instead of some assignment of little personal value. For whatever reason working for yourself is so much more satisfying.

Last night I left the house around 8:30pm and didn’t get back until 2am. It was great feeling just to just blow time chilling with old friends. At first we played GTA 3 on the PS2 and caused general mahem (which is so much better in a video game, that way you can’t really get arrested). I was a little worried that things might just devolve into us playing all night but after a while we ended up going to a restaurant that had all you can eat wings for $10. The great things about the wings is that they come in three zillon flavors. Not being the biggest wings fan, I ended up just getting a vanilla shake while everyone else got the wings. The best part of the whole experience was that we sat there talking and laughing past closing time. I can’t remember the last time that I just talked to poeple for six hours but man was it a great feeling.

I hear Karst and others on the what does it all mean question. Now that I have time to think I realize what I really want to do is to have a job where I can be on the beach in the sun for as many hours on possible. I just don’t know how it fits with Olin or the rest of my life. I had a job kinda like that last summer but now I am remembering only the upsides and forgetting all the reasons I hated it. I wish retrospect wasn’t so warm and fuzzy.

In other news I have been working fererishly on my business idea, hence the lack of recent posts as I have been consumed by the project. I start work on Tuesday at BioPay so I am trying to finish up as much of it as I can before I start. I’ll be sure to let people know what I am up to when I get something in a usable state. Until then stay tuned.