Last night we saw our first speaker at the first Y Combinator meeting, which was pretty cool. I have never heard such a story of determination in my life. I thought I was determined but the speaker’s accomplishments puts me to shame. He ended up (by himself) managing a service written in a language he didn’t know with 10,000+ users. Somehow he managed to pull through the ordeal and sell the startup for a pretty large sum of money. Absolutely incredible.

We ended up getting in pretty late last night so I slept in this morning. When I turned on my laptop this morning I saw that it was warmer in Boston than in San Francisco which made me a little sad. However for the most part the weather here has been much better than there. I guess you can’t have everything.

After checking the weather, I was pretty productive as I finally got around to implementing one of the features that I actually wanted to write (as opposed to writing more test cases and debugging code). I feel that we are now fighting a downhill battle and that the hardest part of the first release is behind

We still aren’t sure when our first release will be but we hope it will be soon.  Well that’s all for now, off to watch Battlestar Galatica.