Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. We had planned to go out to dinner with my sister, her husband, my mom, my dad and me. Unfortunately the weather intervened at the last minute and snowed us in. My mom, dad and I ended up going to restaurant close to the house instead of the fancy one where we initially had reservations. Alas. Afterward we came home and had cake (which I made) and ice cream.

Today I got up, packed, showered and headed to Dulles The frozen mix on the roads made for slowing going. So getting a late start and having a longer travel time than expected put me a bit behind schedule. My theory that the less time that you have to catch your plane the more time it takes prevailed once again. Ticketing took twice as long as it usually does and then as I was waiting in the security line they began closing down the checkpoints one by one and until there was a single checkpoint left. Come on people! This is an international airport just outside of DC. It is ridiculous to only have a single security line operating. (Or if you were only going to have only one you TSA employees better not be goofing off).

Luckily I made my flight, Dean got me from Logan Express and I made it back to Olin in one piece. I have spent the rest of the day unpacking, dealing with my flat tire (which I didn’t discover until I had returned) and going out to eat with my suite.

It’s good to be back at Olin.