So I was reading my brother’s blog. He seems to have picked up on an interesting story.

You can find the story of an absolutely absurd case at []( 1/16/AR2005111601898.html) The story goes like this (from the article)... "MIAMI - A jury has ordered the Ford Motor Co. to pay more than $61 million to the family of a 17-year-old boy killed in a roll-over accident when his friend fell asleep while driving an Explorer."

Something tells me that this was not Ford’s fault. How can these people sleep at night knowing that they ripped off a company?

Civil Liberties Just when you didn’t think that civil liberties could mean anything else than they already do. Report: CIA Holding Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons. Its kinda scary that real life sounds more and more like James Bond.

Other updates

  • We won our soccer game tonight. Go Olin Phoenix
  • Flagr is now incorporated.
  • I go home for a week on Saturday