So I have been somewhat hesitant to talk about what I will be doing for the WFP. However now that we have an idea as to where we are going (and since people keep asking us), we are going to shed some light on our future plans. First our name is Flagr. Second is that it will be a web service which will allow you to share the places that you go. I know that this is still really hand wavy but we don’t want to give away all of our secrets quite yet. If you would like to hear about our launch you can visit and signup.

In order to keep people informed as well as keep some kind of record, I will be tagging posts to my blog with Flagr when they pertain to my startup experience. So the first update is that this week we are currently pursuing incorporation. We have sent the documents to the firm and will be hearing back from them shortly. After becoming officially incorporated our next step is find a banking solution and purchase official servers. However at the rate things seem to be moving with the paperwork it may be another couple of weeks before that all finishes. I really want to get all of this tax/accounting/legal stuff out of the way so that I can have some fun. Oh yea and we are still looking for apartments in the Palo Alto area.