While I was on my run today, I ran into a puppy that looked exactly like my dog Ebony. I started to realize how much I really miss not having a little furry thing run up and jump all over me when I walk in a door. Unfortunately it just doesn’t happen like that at Olin. It got me thinking about my family and about my grandma. All the sudden I had this sharp feeling about how much I really care about her. I don’t know what brought it on and it kinda scared me that something might be wrong. Hopefully its just my overactive imagination.

When I got back from my run I had a few minutes to kill so I decided to do the survey that Dr. M sent out earlier this week since it said it would only take a few minutes. If you haven’t taken it, stop reading and go take it now. It was one of the most well thought out surveys I have ever taken and it really got me thinking. Sadly some of those thoughts were about how Olin will be different after it has graduated its first class. It seemed like it would never happen and all the sudden it is upon us. Not sure I am ready to say goodbye to those amazing people.

However, the real kicker for me was the second page. It just made me realize how much my parents have given up for me. The hardest part is that there really isn’t anything I can to do to say thank you enough. They never played concerts, started a fortune 500 company or won a nobel prize. They had me. Thanks mom and dad.