Here are twenty random answers. Kinda like 20 questions but without the questions.

  1. Despite having owned two firebirds, I have received no speeding tickets.
  2. Until I was 16 I had never kissed a girl. (I heard they had cooties)
  3. I ran a 4:37 mile in high school and didn’t make varsity cross country. (I couldn’t break 9 minutes in elementary school)
  4. I am an eagle scout.
  5. I am a catholic.
  6. I used to have blonde hair and blue eyes when I was a kid.
  7. My right hand (when compared to my left hand) is noticeable larger.
  8. I have never received all A’s.
  9. I have never been off of the continent. (Discounting Hawaii and random Caribbean islands as they aren’t on other continents)
  10. I don’t know how to properly touch type but have somehow memorized the location of the keys instead.
  11. I have a HAM radio license, KF4ZKS.
  12. I own a pair of very short, very pink running shorts.
  13. I have been sky diving
  14. I wish I could live in a small shack by ocean, renounce material possessions and sleep in a hammock with a warm breeze blowing through the window.
  15. I have read the communist manifesto and believe there is some truth to the ideals expressed within it.
  16. Eve 6 - Open Road was the first song that I played in my first car.
  17. I can’t spell out words if people read the letters off. (I learned to read by sight not by sounding out.)
  18. I had never moved until I came to Olin.
  19. My favorite color is blue, my favorite food is pizza and my favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough (clearily ice cream is not a real food).
  20. I love running during summer during the hottest part of the day and pushing myself to my limits. (Some say I am crazy which is probably true to a certain extent) I tag my brother Sean.