I spent several hours debugging my PIC18F2455 with an ICD2. To most PIC programmers out there this would mean that I actually used the in-circuit debugger but I couldn’t even get it to connect. Don’t get me wrong, the PIC 18F2455 is an amazing little processor for only $5. However at my wit’s end I tried another 18F2455 and low and behold it worked. No where in the documentation does it say you can not use a PM3 programmer in order to program the chip first. So I felt it was my duty to add to the knowledge available; you infact can not use a PM3 programmer and then attempt to use the ICD2 with that same chip.

For my design class I had to read an excerpt of The Design of Everyday Things. The book is a good read for pratically anyone in any field. Design is really nothing more then taking the time to think.