So its been hard to keep quiet about all of this but I am proud to say that I have been accepted to the Winter Founder’s Program run by the Y-Combinator. In case you missed the hype the first time around you can read up on it here. I will be working with Dave Wurtz and Cole Poelker. We are totally pumped and at this point all we can say is that we will be launching a web service. Stay tuned for our launch.

So now that means a few big changes for me. First of all I will be taking a leave of absence next semester from Olin. The question I get following telling people this is, will you graduate with 2007? Well it depends on what you mean by graduate and how well the company does. I can tell you if things don’t work out I will be here in the Fall and Spring of next year and I will be a “pretend senior”. I will do SCOPE, AHS capstone and all that jazz. However in the spring I will not have enough credits to graduate. I don’t know if I will walk the stage or not but to me its not important. Being there is. Following that I will need to complete one more semester of school which I plan to do in Australia. So for all intents and purposes it will be like I graduated from Olin with 2007 as I won’t be returning to the campus in the fall.

So this last week totally rocked. I had an awesome interview, cinched the funding and got a free ticket to the MLS semifinals. How much better can it get?

It appears that it can be even better. I ran across this a article, which gives me hope for my digital future. A large swathe of young Americans use the web to create and share content as well as use other people’s content for their own creations, says a report. Long live rip, remix, burn.