Yesterday’s run was awesome. I threw on my trusty running shoes and headed outside as the sky had just cleared. As I bent down to stretch, the heavens opened up and rained began to pour down. The rain drops were large sparkling globes of water. I finished stretching and began to run. The faster I ran, the harder the rain became. I tested the sky to see if it could rain even harder. The sky won. It became difficult to see and then I reached the aquaduct. I just started grinning and then finally laughing (I glad I run alone). I loved the water streaming down my face and yet at the same time it sprayed up every time my feet left the ground. It just washed my stress away.

Tonight I was tired of providing activation energy. I wanted to do something but didn’t have the energy to organize it. Somehow, almost magically plans materialized from thin air. It was as if I was reclining into a soft chair to rest, with my friends there to provide a much need rest. Thanks, you guys rock.