This is a pretty major update as two significant things have changed relating to SmarterMeter. First Google PowerMeter no longer exists, therefore SmarterMeter now supports Pachube. Second, PG&E changed their web data service to OPower, which is admittely much better but also different which required a rewrite of parts of SmarterMeter.

One thing I am excited about with the change to OPower, is that a universal format (ESPI) for power data is emerging and SmarterMeter supports it. It doesn’t do everything I want yet but it’s an exciting development none the less. Now if only OPower/PG&E provided an OAuth authentication mechanism to access the data, then SmarterMeter would be truly unnecessary.

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to update the GUI version of SmarterMeter so this release is only available via the rubygem.