So this past weekend I went down to State College, Pennsylvania for my friend Chase’s 21st. I had a blast. The trip got off to a somewhat rough start as Massachusetts decided it would be a good time to have a down pour as I was trying to pack my car. By the time I had gotten everything into my car and checked the oil level, I was completely drenched. Such is life right?

Luckily I left at 4pm in the afternoon so I got out just ahead of the rush hour traffic. I started driving west on 90 and the farther from school I got the better the weather got. When I was about 40 miles out I started to see one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. The cool part is that since I was driving west most of my journey, I was able to watch it for three hours. After it got dark outside things got a little bit more boring but the MP3 CD deck helped. Since it was late on a Thursday night in rural Pennsylvania the only other vehicles out there were trucks and there weren’t even that many of them.

I finally arrived around 11:30pm and drug my stuff into his apartment (which was a very nice). We talked for a little while, watched a copy of the daily show and then went off to bed as Chase and his girlfriend had class the next day. I just slept in, which was such a great feeling. It was the best sleep that I have had since I have been back at school. When I got up the next morning I decided I would pay a suprise visit to my grandma in Altoona. I think she was happy to see me. We ended up going out to grab some pizza at Uno’s Pizzera which was pretty good (as it always is). After lunch I headed back to State College to see what was hopping there.

I ended up working for a little while as my friend was busy getting ready for his induction into a business fraternity. I went for a short run to explore the place and saw a few interesting things along the way. I got back, showered and started to make dinner for myself. That is when three of Chase’s friends showed up at the door and asked me if I wanted to go to dinner. So I stopped what I was doing (as I didn’t really want to eat myself), threw my shoes on and went to Eat n’ Park (which I had never been to before). I have never felt so apart of the group so quickly. We had a blast telling stories to each other and just making general fools of ourselves. I think the entire restaurant hated us. The old man directly behind us looked like he might cane us on the way out.

We got back and chilled for a while until more people showed up. I then ended up driving Chase and his girlfriend downtown to their first official frat party. It was interesting to see a frat from the inside, some of the stereotypes are really spot on. We hung around there for about an hour then left to go back to another party. By the time we arrived most of the people had left as the alcohol had run out an hour before. We chilled for a little while there and then headed back to his apartment to crash.

The next night the party was at Chase’s apartment. During the day we went to the Penn State football game where they totally stomped Minnesota, which was awesome. We left at the half and went to go get beer for the party that night. At the counter of the beer distributor they insisted on seeing my ID in order for me to carry the beer out the door. I told them I wasn’t 21 and they told me I couldn’t carry the beer. A little silly if you ask me but I guess they were just trying to do their job. The party ended up going really well and I had a blast. After people had left I ended up having a conversation with Chase’s girlfriend about alot of deep stuff. It was nice to know that only after a weekend I felt like such a part of the group of people there. I was truly honored. The next day I left after saying good bye to all of my new found friends.