Well today was somewhat productive. I returned the tools to the Sears store that I didn’t use while changing my breaks yesterday. I also purchased a D-Link USB Adaptor which is only $20 after rebate. I also got a chance to try out my new wireless antenna on the way to the store. I was a bit skeptical as to whether the antenna improved reception at first but once I got the Comp USA I was totally sold. Now all I need is a USB GPS receiver to plot the access points that I find.

In my other quest to purchase a new toy I have decided on getting the Nokia 6820. However, I am unsure whether the service will be adequate at school. The reason I believe it might be is that AT&T Wireless and Cingular are merging and Cingular coverage at school is satisfactory. Hopefully the networks have been merged in that area but I couldn’t get a straight answer from an AT&T representative. The one thing that I really wish would change with cell phones is that the consumer could pick the headset that they wanted and then find the network plan that they want. I really like Verizon’s coverage but there phones are so inferior to the other carriers, ugh.

I am also searching on Ebay for a semi-broken zaurus with a good screen so that I can repair the zaurus I currently own. I have a 5000d but the screen broke a few years back and it seems like such a waste to just have it sit there and collect dust. I have been outbid on items three times now. I guess I will just have to bid more in the future.

Tonight I hung out with my high school friends, Matt, Chase and Hide. We had a good time catching up, watching car videos and going to see The Bourne Supremacy. On the way to the movie theater I happened to be riding with Matt and we took a hill pretty fast. Unfortunately it had just been raining. Before I knew it the car started fish tailing five or six times and then part of the car was in the opposite lane. After that the car pulled off to the right on to a pretty tall bank. Somehow the car managed to end up heading down the road in the right direction and we managed to miss the car in the opposite lane of traffic. I am glad that my guardian angel was watching tonight.