I worked on the ACL machines quite a bit yesterday. Hopefully the lab will be ready soon and I can post my code to the world. Slightly unrelated, two of the boxes are already running Hoary. Hoary doesn’t have as much new stuff as I would like but its nice none the less.

Last night I watched The Terminal. I think that was a pretty good movie. I have to say I felt bad for Tom Hanks in the end but I really liked Gupta. It was a good end to yesterday. I wasn’t in the mood to do a whole lot and the movie hit the spot.

The weather outside was amazing today. I went out for a run. Hard. It was wonderful.

I finally had some success on my PIC18f2455 Operating system. Now if only there was a online resource that didn’t suck.

I plan on investigating Ruby on Rails as it looks pretty cool. Also S5 is pretty cool.