Well the last few days have really raced by. This week at work I released a new version of the software that I am developing, other than that not much interesting happened relating to work.

Continuing on Zach’s theme of restaurant reviews. On Wednesday my coworkers and I went out to lunch to the Potbelly Sandwhich Factory. There was quite a crowd at lunch but the line moved quickly. The sandwhiches were toasted, quite good and only $3.45. That is what I call a deal.

On Thursday, I went to the gym, showered, ate dinner and then worked on the new Firebird. Its amazing how little respect people show towards their cars. I ended up pulling out a cable which was not connected to anything and ran the entire length of the car. My only guess as to its desired function was connecting a non-existant cd changer in the trunk to a non-existant player in the front. Additionally, I pulled out three more poorly hidden wires which were connected to nothing but a switch. I also disassembled the front headlights in hope of finding a solution to the grinding problem. I think I am going to order a replacement gear from the guy who wrote that tutorial online as the Pontiac dealer wanted $280 for the same part. Guess they have to make money on something as they don’t seem to be making much of a profit on their new cars.