Well I have been searching for a new car along with my brother. Unfortunately Sean beat me to the punch and bought a car last week. He is now the proud owner of a 1995 Trans Am. This is a pretty sweet car. Its funny that he finally caved in and went to the Firebird line.

In other news I started to replace the seats in my Firebird two weeks ago. However my dad and I ran into to quite a roadblock when we realized that one of the posts that was supposed to secure the seat itself was no longer secure. A few hours and several Dremel cutting blades latter, we got the nut off of the post and then finally the seat out of the car. It should have been a thirty minute job.

What took even longer was figuring out how to securely fasten the new seat in. We finally got the right part to do that today. As a result of my car’s make over (two new seats, a center console and a dashboard, all from a junkyard) I now have a few excess pieces of upholstery. I think I am going to build my own car from scratch! Well maybe not, but I might use the seats in my dorm room next year. (They cleaner then any seats you will find in the Wellesley dump. )