I got back from the Cruise a few days ago but I forgot to write an update.

It was a pretty sweet trip. We avoided the tropical depression Chris and got to visit Miami, Key West, Cozumel, Costa Maya and Cape Canaveral. My favorite destination was Key West as I have thought about living there.

Key West wasn’t quite what I had expected. The people who inhabit the island have different reasons for living there but it seems fairly common to have left the mainland to leave the mainstream. I guess you have to visit to understand what I mean. I am not so sure I would want to leave there straight out of college after visiting, maybe later.

While on Key West, we visited Hemmingway’s house. He was a pretty crazy guy. He had 50 cats and hung out with rum runners in Cuba. Overall pretty interesting, unfortunately the guy who gave us the tour of the house was a total jerk (who also happened to be from Boston).

Cozumel and Costa Maya were beautiful (just go check out my flickr page). Going out of the country is always exciting for me as it makes me aware of the things that I take for granted in the US.

Besides visiting places we spent a fair amount of time on the boat hanging out. Most of the time on the boat was filled by sleeping, eating, reading (finished snow crash), tanning, running and hanging out with my brother. It’s really nice to just do whatever you feel like doing.

In short, it was a good time in the caribbean. To be fair I am not sure that there are bad times to be had there.