Today was a pretty usual Monday. I found out that I will be working on welders as a user group for my design project as well. I also found out that I will be on a team with Joe and DJ. After lunch I picked up my mail and I found that I had gotten my new Bank of America ATM card as well as one of the books I had ordered. I wonder what happened to my running shoes that I ordered last week.

In error control codes, our group went over the basics of linear algebra and I learned about crazy modulo arthimetic and abstract algebra. Not quite sure who thought of those crazy fields. Hopefully I won’t be at too much of a disadvantage since I have not had discrete mathematics.

After class I messed around with W.A.S.T.E. which was actually a waste of my time. I wanted to use it for my design class but it was entirely too difficult to use for group work. I then went running and literally ran into Dan while out. We finished up our runs together and came back to Olin. Dinner was pretty good tonight they had alfredo sauce for the linguine.

Now I just have to finish off my todo list.