Things have been busy. It started last week when I left school to go to my grandmother’s funeral. There is something about traveling large distances that makes one physically tired. You don’t do anything as you travel the long distances. In fact quite frequently you are restricted from moving due to size of the airplane seat or the restraint of a seatbelt in the car. Nonetheless it drains you.

The funeral went as well as can be expected. Its hard to see someone you love go but in my opinion its harder to watch them let the world pass them by. Its hard to watch a loved one be forced to live in a restricted environment and have their psychological well- being and health detoriate so rapidly. Yet there is no alternative. When I talked about it with a close friend he mentioned that once you enter a retirement home you know the outcome and it is precisely that which is so damaging.

However I know that my grandmother is in a better place now. If you can read this grandma tell grandpa I said hello.