I went to a high school buddy’s suprise birthday party yesterday (you know the kinda party that you had when mom baked your cake). The suprise didn’t work out so well but he was happy to see us anyway. I had a great time catching up with people that I had not seen from graduation. It was both sad to realize the days which are gone but happy to see each of us making plans for the future.

On a somewhat different note I have finally, undeniably, come to the conclusion that Olin really is the best place for me to go to college. I have not always felt that way. However I could never tell if it was the grass is greener syndrome or something else. This summer has changed that for me. After talking to high school friends at other schools, working in industry and just general reflection, I can now say without a doubt that Olin really is the best new form of education. We really are doing something different and (I believe) better.

We may not walk the walk on everything that we preach (and I will be the first to point that out) but we really are making strides to the goal. It’s just so hard to see that from the trenches.