So it has been a while since I posted as I have been really busy. As a sign of that I am currently traveling to IBM Watson (for SCOPE) in a minivan and am using EVDO to write this post. (It’s actually pretty cool to be traveling at 65 mph and have a broadband Internet connection).

Last night I finished all of my classes other than SCOPE. However I still have a few side projects left: a playlist for the Snowball, an Expo poster and the semester slideshow (oh yeah and I am supposed to buying Christmas presents). I think I should be able to get it all done before Sunday which would be really ideal as that would let me enjoy Expo to its fullest extent.

As a plug for my expo poster, you should come check it out. It will be about the Olin Issue Tracker and the lessons learned.

I am really excited about going home for break and not having anything to do (except some skiing).