Friday was simply amazing. After finishing my last final around 3pm, I headed over to see the carnival starting. Since things weren’t really happening I decided to go for a run. It was sunny and finally warm, after being cold for so long. Knowing I didn’t have anything due was a great feeling. When I got back from my run the carnival was really going. People were laughing, smiling and there was good music in the background.

After seeing so many of my friends stressed all semester it was nice to be surrounded by smiling faces and laughing. In addition to the great times I made the best sundae ever. (Vanilla ice cream with Reese’s pieces, caramel, lots of whip cream and 3 cherries to top it off.)After the carnival the boys and I were going to go to Unleashed but my car had other plans. Half-way to the movie theater I heard a thumping coming from the back of the car. Luckily I decided to pullover to check it out. When I looked at the back of the car, I realized that my tail pipe had rusted completely through and was dragging on the ground. I managed to get the tailpipe detached from the frame of the car with the help of Tom. We then decided to turn around as I didn’t want to risk having my muffler drag on the ground as well. Not much happened after we got back it was a pretty slow night and the large party that was scheduled got postponed till this week.

Saturday was a lazy day. I got up around eleven and started browsing the web. I ended up working on a subversion web administration interface to the ACL. At first I had no intention of writing one, however after I spent an hour or two installing SVN Manager, I changed my mind. So what started out as finding a simple web script t0 manage SVN repositories, it ended up turning into my first foray into AJAX with Python on the server side. I ended up spending most of the day working on the project as I found AJAX so cool. It allows the web developer to focus on the interaction design of his/her application. I think it would be a really great tool to use in HFID next semester.

While I am on the topic of next semester, I talked to the Wellseley professor about 2D visual design. She gave me special permission to be accepted into the class despite it already being full. I am very excited about the class as it is my first formal introduction to visual design despite dabbling in it for quite a while.

Sunday was pretty slow much like Satuday. I spent most of today finishing up the SVN administration interface. Then I began packing up for home. I have pretty much everything ready to go which is good. What is bad is that I still don’t know what I am going to do for expo. Tomorrow needs to be really productive so that I can get my expo poster finished.