This morning was great, my 8am class was canceled (due to a meeting that the professor had to attend). Unfortunately we go two assignments due Friday over the weekend.

Project didn’t go as well as I wanted. For some reason the PIC microcontroller is not changing the outputs on the pins that I believe I am controlling. It feels like something is configured incorrectly. However it could also be an error in our circuit, I keep finding them all over the place.

Biology class was kinda slow. I realized that I only have four more class meetings in each of my classes before finals. It’s kinda scary. We have alot coming up in December: a dance, our portfolios, Expo and finals.

After class I was feeling a bit numb so went running with Dan. It was totally sweet, the snow from the weekend was still here but it was 55 degrees outside. I got to run in shorts. It felt like 7 Springs in the Spring. Warm Snow is one of the best feelings.

After I got back I studied for my Computer Science test. I think I rocked it.