While I was reading through my daily set of blogs I found this interesting link about truth. I find that I struggle with the truth frequently. For me it is apparent that the truth often lies somewhere between the two presented extremes. The article seemed to agree. Yet too often people refuse to look for truth and resort to choosing sides because it’s easier. Sometimes I wish life was simpler but then I guess it wouldn’t be any fun.

Today was good. The UOCD presentation is done, thankfully. I find that the deliverables for this phase were way out of line. I am going to try to find Ben sometime this week to discuss this. The posters that we were told to make were supposed to be viewable from 3 feet. Well having deliverables viewable from 3 feet doesn’t help much when the closest audience member is 10 feet away. I could have stood in front of colored pieces of construction paper and it would not have affected our presentation. I am bitter that I spent upwards of 12 hours on these deliverables only to have them ignored during the actual presentation. The part that makes me most frustrated is that this not a unique case. I know that most other groups spent comparable amounts of time on their deliverables. I know that the course is still being fine tuned but I feel like someone should have caught this.