I got back from the beach with Lara’s family yesterday. I had a great time down in Wilmington. The water was warm and everyday it was sunny. I got a chance to play some minature golf, skimboard, put puzzles together and hang out. I am really glad that I got a chance to go despite the very long drive involved.

Today I replaced the front disc brakes on my car (well I couldn’t find a picture of my car so I used google and its pretty close). It took about three hours because I had to go to the Sears store to pick up a 3/8 inch allen wrench. Oddly enough I did not have such a freaking huge allen wrench in my collection of tools. I am not really sure why they felt the need to not use a standard bolt. Well hopefully today will be a bit more productive, I have large plans and little time to accomplish them.

Oh and the title is about how I feel right now. I have been traveling so far between so many different places I feel like I am in a whirlwind. However I am having the best summer that I can remember. If only I could do this forever.