So unless you have been hiding under a rock (in the online world) you’ve heard of Chrome OS, Google’s lightweight netbook operating system. Yesterday it was released as open source and I decided to give it ago. (The steps below are for Ubuntu Karmic, but you should be able to translate to other linux platforms.)

  1. The first thing you need to do is get a precompiled image of the OS.
  2. Extract the vmdk file from the download and then use “qemu-img convert -f vmdk <vmdk-file> -O raw ide.img
  3. Then run “sudo dd if=ide.img of=/dev/sdX” where /dev/sdX is the name of your usb stick you want to flash. BE CAREFUL to get this exactly right otherwise you might delete your entire hard drive.
  4. Then down this file and extract it using “dpkg –extract linux-firmware_1.24_all.deb /tmp/firmware/” and then run “cp /tmp/firmware/lib/firmware/ipw2100-1.3.fw /media/C-ROOT/lib/firmware/
  5. Then unmount the USB stick and plug it into your D600. Should be all set. If you have questions leave them below.