layout: post title: 20/20 Retrospect wordpress_id: 142 wordpress_url: —I have been looking rabidly all summer for a car to purchase and earlier this week my (almost) dream car appeared, a black 1994 Firebird Formula with a manual transmission. Heck it was even under $5000. So on Tuesday night I drove 3 hours with my dad to go see the car. There were several things not quite right with it and my dad was cautious about it. However as this week passed, the more and more the car grew on me. I had made up my mind that I would take care of its problems like I did for my current car.When we left on Tuesday night, the seller was supposed to call me back later this week. Not wanting to appear anxious (in order to get a better price) I held off calling until tonight. So when he answered the phone I asked him if had learned anything about the questions we had asked. His reply was the car has been sold. I hadn’t expected it.Now I am not sure what I am going to do as there are only several weeks until school. This week is really the last week that I could have purchased the car as I have to title it, get it inspected, get plates and learn how to drive manual competently before heading back to Olin. As I am planning on going away in the Spring and not planning on spending next summer at home, I really don’t have another option of buying a car now until I get out of college.Retrospect is so painfully clear. I worried while at work this week that someone else might buy it. I chalked it up to my over active imagination and resolved not to appear anxious. Now that it is gone I would rather have parted with an extra $500 for the car. How bitterly clear retrospect is.On a lighter note. The development team at work went out for lunch today to this amazing pizza place. The food was great and had a blast hanging with the coworkers. As I near the end of the internship, I realize I really couldn’t have asked for a better group of people. I am going to miss harassing them when I am back at Olin. Also If you get a chance, see The Wedding Crashers. I saw it with dr ice and karst last night. It will make your sides hurt. So good on so many levels.