It appears 230 people died in a suicide bombing yesterday in Baghdad. I bet you didn’t hear about it because the first half of the frontpage of the Post was taken up by the Virginia Tech killer.

My sympathies go out to the Virginia Tech students who were killed as well as to those who remain. It should not have happened and there is no rational explanation for it. The killer was mentally sick.

Now what irks me about this situation are all the people not directly involved. They drop what they are doing, hold moments of silence, fly flags at half staff and just generally fixate on the event despite not personally knowing the people involved. (If you were personally connected to the events then this rant most definitely doesn’t apply to you but if you weren’t personally connected then this rant most definitely applies to you)

By the logic of these people we should honor everyone who dies in a horrific manner. Doesn’t that mean that we should be really busy as Baghdad has been quite an unpleasant lately? (and I don’t mean for soldiers, I mean for civilians) ** I guess we just don’t respect human life that isn’t American.** I am all for showing grief and paying respect to those who have passed on but I find it trite and disrespectful to feign such emotions when you were not connected to the events.

Did you realize that 230 people died yesterday in Baghdad! Where is your sorrow now? Did we lower our flags for that? Did we hold a single moment of silence for that? No, no and no.

I guess I am making a plea that everyone respect human life as equal whether they are American or not.

And now I feel hypocritical for drawing further attention to Virginia Tech but I feel like I should point out the inequality that has manifested itself in current events.