I ended up watching this movie called The Siege on Wednesday. The movie is about several Islamic terrorist cells which effectively shutdown New York City through a series of bombings. (Remember that this movie was made pre-9/11.) The situation escalates to the point that Martial Law is declared. (Does anybody else remember seeing pictures of people carrying M-16s on Wall Street?). So the parallels are already startling.

However when I watched the following scene (Divx) with Denzel, my jaw hit the floor. If there is one thing that you do this Fourth of July it should be to watch this clip (Divx).

It was as if the speech was ripped from the headlines. It rings so true. We have in fact shredded the constitution (maybe even more than a little bit). We have tortured people. But have the terrorists won?

I know that as I watch the fireworks tonight my thoughts will not be focused on the display but rather whether I really support “America” when torture is condoned and civil liberties are traded for the illusion of security.