So I survived another Christmas season. I got many presents, ate many cookies and got to see most of my extended family over a three day period. (And I wonder why I don’t feel relaxed when I am on ‘vacation’).

The highlight of visiting my cousins was their new puppy, Nittany (named after the Penn State mascot). That dog is just a pile of fur and energy which literally bounces off of walls. (Quite different than my own dog Ebony who is now 11). I guess that will change with age.

Of all the presents that I got this Christmas I think my favorite present was this pair of noise canceling headphones. They reduce outside noise so much that you can’t tell when people are talking to you. Unfortunately they run on AAA batteries which is somewhat annoying as I don’t usually keep them around and they are somewhat expensive.

The only disappointing part of this vacation has been the skiing. Since we got up here, Seven Springs has only had 3 slopes open and it looks like it is only getting warmer as New Year’s weekend approaches. Despite the poor conditions, my brother and I still went snowboarding a couple of times. Which was all well and good until yesterday when I managed to catch an edge and fall flat on my backside. Unfortunately I can’t really walk straight at the moment but hopefully that will change over the next few days.